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Post  UltimateLatios54 on Sat Jul 23, 2011 10:26 pm

UltimateLatios on Wed Jul 13, 2011 10:24 pm

.Heheh! Welcome to the Blazing, The Electricuting, and FREEZING clan!

Where all of the elites and Pokemon of course appear!

Lets get to the Important Stuff shall we?

Just show this,

Server Rank:
PO Name:

Thats all to it!

Heres an example,
Rank: Legendary Hero
Server Rank: 1059
Team: Skarmory, Nidoking, Chandelure, Latios, Ninetales, Amibpom
PO Name: UltimateLatios54


Now, for RANKS!

Has No Rank, or a rank at least at 800. is a young that still needs work on battling, but is on the right diemension

Advanced Elite:

Has a rank at least at 900. Is a battler that wins often, But this Advanced Trainer still needs some work on the battling.

Legendary Hero:

Has at least a rank at 1000. Is a Extreme Shreder in battle, Saving the World in a Diemension of Justice.

Okay, So 1 more thing, THE RULLES,

1. Obey the Server Rules,

2. Have a Fire Ice or a Electric type on your team at least.

That Ends it, so show what i did above, like, 45 spaces up, XD and people, if you dont have a rank on PO, then put No Rank on PO rank, and ill put you as a beginner for the other rank, because the server rank affects this rank, Sorry for the irritation XD, and for others to know your a apart of The ElementsElite, say the following things on the server, ElementsElite Member! please be honest, if i find out you lied, i kick you out.

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ElementsElite! Empty Re: ElementsElite!

Post  MidPoint on Mon Jul 25, 2011 11:38 am

server rank?

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