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The Mirage Desert Gym

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The Mirage Desert Gym

Post  Awesome Junior on Wed Aug 10, 2011 9:00 pm

~The Desert Mirage Gym~


Take your first step across the boarderline from grass into a messy, uneven terrain called sand. As you take this step, you notice the temperature rise to a degree too high to handle for your rather pampered, nourished body. You see a large plateau and a set of stairs leading to the high, flat top. As you reach the top of the stairs, a form stares through you from the center of the plateau...

Hello. You've entered the Mirage Desert, recently, and I see you have an urge to challenge this Gym. I tell you, it will not be easy to best my in a challenge, but I welcome you to you try and find me...I waiting, that is for sure. While you are searching, I will tell you a tale of myself...

In all my life, I never got along with most of the people in my hometown. However, after moving away from there and into the PokeVerse, I found a new attraction to Ground types after meeting an abused and battered Drilbur...Now I find myself befriending Ground types and only Ground types, and our bond will help us persevere in every battle! Again...I shall be waiting...for you, challenger.

Please read the rules so you are safe in your travels through the Mirage Desert.

~Mirage Desert Gym Rules~

1. Standard Clauses apply in every battle.

2. Our battles will be in the Wifi/Overused tier.

3. Our battles will be a single battle, winner is the one who defeats 6 Pokemon of the other's team.

4. If you lose against me, you must wait a day before re-challenging.

5. Only 4 Super-Effective moves are allowed to be on the team. This means you can't have more than four moves that are SE against the Ground Type on your Pokemon all together. (Example: Azumarill knowing Aqua Jet, Celebi knowing Grass Knot, Froslass knowing Ice beam and Nidoking also knowing Ice Beam and then a Suicune knowing Scald) Also, only 2 SE Pokemon allowed when challenging me. This means only two Pokemon on your team may have an advantage against the Ground type.

~Gym Record~
Wins - 0, Losses - 0, Draws - 0

That's about it. If you've come to this point, you're free to challenge me. I'll be waiting~
Awesome Junior
Awesome Junior

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Ursala Challenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Post  Superstar Ursala on Wed Aug 10, 2011 9:38 pm

ok Kinda Complicated but i should be able to battle with those rules....

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Superstar Ursala
Superstar Ursala

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Re: The Mirage Desert Gym

Post  Awesome Junior on Thu Aug 11, 2011 1:34 pm

I...don't see what's complicated, but okay...
Awesome Junior
Awesome Junior

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Re: The Mirage Desert Gym

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