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Dueling Network league rules!

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Dueling Network league rules! Empty Dueling Network league rules!

Post  blackdragon62 on Thu Aug 04, 2011 9:07 pm

rule for all of league

1)its best 2 out of 3 clause

rules for gym leaders:

1) gym leaders must have diffrent decks then the other gym leaders.

2) gym leaders may have up to two decks for gym battles.

3) gym leader can choose two types of decks to ban from his duel gym leader may not change the banned decks execpt by permission from the creator of the league and owner of the site

4) users must not complain about gym leaders banned decks

5) if user won the gym leader must post on his gym forum the name of user that has beaten him and give him a badge.

6) all gym battles must be done on advanced (unrated)

7) do not ask to battle the gym leader,the gym leader will open his gym when he is not busy

Cool dont forget to enjoy your time and have fun Smile

rules for elite 4:

1) elite 4 must have different decks then other elite 4 as well

2) elite 4 may only use two types of decks

3) elite 4 may choose two types of decks to ban aswell

4) you may not battle the elite 4 unless you have all 8 gym badges

5) all elite 4 battles must be in order from first elite 4 to the last elite 4

6) elite 4 may be battled at anytime aslong as you have the gym badges aslong as they accept

7) never argue with an elite 4 if you have a complaint please send it to the champion

Cool if you loose to an elite 4 you must again start from the beggining and beat the first elite

rules of champion:

1) champion has the right to battle with any deck he chooses

2) users may choose two decks the champion cant use champion can choose two decks user cant use aswell

3) you mustve beaten all of the gym leaders,beaten the elite 4 by order to challenge the champion

4) you can challenge the champion anytime he is online

5) never argue with the champion any complaints go to the owner or creator of the dn league

6) if you loose against the champion you have to beat the elite four again but this time not in the same order

7) if you win against the champion your name will be recorded into the hall of fame and prizes will come from the owner

Cool there is no rematch at all against the champion unless you have beaten the elite 4 again

9) most important rule is no matter what if you loose or win its just how fun the duel was Smile


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